You approve the quote. Basically, you are agreeing to pay provided that you're happy with the work, which you will be able to audition prior to purchase

The parts are recorded. The turnaround is usually pretty fast, but depends on the current workload. This stage can take up to 5 days. We work to a standard, not to a time limit! See the equipment page for more on my method of recording.

You will be sent an mp3 mix of the parts to approve. A mix-down of the recorded parts with your track in the background. If you are happy with the work proceed to stage 6, if not, please provide feedback as to how you would like the parts to be changed.

You receive the invoice. This will be a Paypal invoice, which is payable from a Paypal account or with a VISA or Mastercard. Alternatively, you may choose to send a cheque through the post, but the funds will take longer to clear.

Payment is made.

The files are made available for download. (Or we can put them on a cd and send them to you through the post.)

We e-mail you a quote. Factors taken into account:

1. The length of the part(s). Short trumpet licks/loops will be cheaper, whereas full length tracks will cost more.

2. Whether the part(s) are already written out. Sheet music is preferable, but we can also work by ear. I can compose suitable parts myself, but obviously this is more work. A chord chart helps.

3. How many parts you require. we can record multiple takes of the same part and also parts that work in harmony with each other.

4. The difficulty of the part(s). We can play in all keys, although some are easier than others. However, tracks which are not in tune with standard tuning (A3 = 440Hz) are harder to work with.

5. Instrumentation. Tracks requiring a full brass section require extra players. In order to minimize the time that these players spend in the studio it is useful to provide them with a clearly written part, so again - prewritten parts help to minimize the cost.

*Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Send us your track. An e-mail with an mp3 attachment is fine to the following address: