These clips are taken from a session I did for a Latin pop-rock band in Spain (well, actually the Basque country if you ask them!).
Style: Latin
Trumpet: Bb open
Band: Frida Pipol
Track: Vacio
This short piece was fully written out by the composer as a MIDI part, and relatively easy to play. Therefore it didn't take as long as a normal project, so I was able to offer the composer a substantial discount.
Notice the difference in the sound of the trumpet in the "before" (MIDI) and "after" (real) versions. I realise that not all MIDI brass instruments sound as bad as this one, but still I think that the only way to get a real sound is to use a real instrument.
Style: T.V. theme tune
Trumpet: Bb open
Producer: Charley Darbishire
Track: The Spanish Detective
This is an improvized solo I played for a hip hop track written by Workforce at It's completely unedited. That's what came out in that take. (I've added a touch of reverb.) If you ask me to compose a part I usually stick your track on my ipod and listen to it for a few days. When I have developed some ideas I will loop each section of the track in Pro Tools and try them out until I finalize a part that I'm happy with.

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Hip hop
Trumpet: Bb + Jo Ral Harmon mute
Producer: Workforce
Track: Best Foot Forward